In Heiðarbær you can enjoy your stay in good weather and relax in a quiet environment. Hveravellir is about 300 meters away, where there is gardening and a vegetable shop. Ystihver, which is the largest hot spring in the north, is in Hveravellir. Horse rental in the vicinity of Heiðarbær is at Saltvík for about 15 km towards Húsavík. There is good facilities for horses and horses that have their way. You can go to whale watching in Húsavík. Few names of whale watching companies Norðursigling and Gentle Giants. Fjallasýn is a big company in north Iceland. Fjallasýn is established family-run tourism business that was founded in 1982 in order to conduct school bus services, which they continue to do. Over the course of time they have increasingly specialized in organizing and providing tours around Iceland, with or without a tour guide, with a special emphasis on the Northeast. They serve both individuals and groups according to their requirements. Their vehicles are equipped to handle various tasks, even highland trips.